White Pill A 101

 White Pill A 101

Depression affects how you think, feel, and act. It causes the victim a great deal of sadness and loss of interest in activities he once enjoyed. Depression could be moderate or severe. It causes mood swings, low appetite, low self-esteem, hopelessness, insomnia among others. Depression goes beyond the down mood; it is a serious health condition that affects the physical and mental health of an individual. There are a lot of occurrences that could cause a depression. It could be as a result of a losing someone dear or other life struggles. Millions of people suffer from depression. Whatever burden you may feel, there is an adequate way out. You can be free from depression with a simple to use medication. Though there are a whole lot of medications that claim to abrogate the feelings of depressions, not all of them are effective and have a minimal side that would take a great tool on your everyday life. In this article we would take a look at White Pill A 101; an effective treatment for depressive disorders. Is this drug effective and safe to use for the treatment of depression? You are going to be finding out in this write-up.

Budeprion Xl 150 Mg

White Pill A 101 is also referred to as Budeprion Xl 150 mg. It is created by Teva pharmaceuticals an American pharmaceutical company. White Pill A 101 can be used for the relief of major depressive disorder, depression, and for the prevention of the seasonal affective disorder. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs with the changes in seasons which begin and ends at approximately the same time each year. It commonly begins in the fall and ends in the winter. It makes you feel totally moody and drained.

White Pill A 101 Image

White Pill A 101 helps prevent SAD. Though the drug belongs to the miscellaneous depressant s class, under the Controlled Substance Act, it is not a controlled substance. The medication improves the mood and feeling of overall wellbeing. The question now is how does it work? It works by employing the active ingredient Bupropion to restore the balance of some natural substances in the brain such as; dopamine and norepinephrine. The imbalance of these natural substances is the cause of depression. So, when you use this drug the dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain are balanced and you start to get a feeling of wellbeing, your mood is also lightened up, and you start getting interested in the daily activities you always loved.

Bupropion Dosage and Pricing

This med is to be taken orally by mouth without regard to a meal. This drug should be taken once daily because it is an extended release which implies that the drug is released slowly over a certain period of time usually 12 hours. Thus, using more than one tablet a day would be an overdose. In case you feel stomach trouble after ingesting this med, ensure you take the med after or with a meal. Also, note that taking this drug during the day may cause insomnia (difficulty in sleeping). Since it is an extended release drug, it should not be crushed, chewed or split. It could lead to an overdose as the combination of the drug could be released all at once. The drug should be swallowed whole. You may ask, what is the appropriate dosage for White Pill A 101? Well, the appropriate dosage is a function of your medical condition including your response to treatment and the condition of your liver. Based on the examination of your doctor, the appropriate dosage would be prescribed for you. Mostly, you would be prescribed a low dosage at first which would thereafter be increased gradually. Ensure you do not increase dosage beyond your doctor’s prescription and do not extend the duration of usage beyond the time set for treatment by your physician. Increasing dosage would increase side effects and it does not imply that your condition would become any better. Avoid stopping the intake of this drug all at once. Consult with your physician first; the dosage may gradually be reduced instead of stopping abruptly in order to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Your condition should improve in 4 weeks. Should your condition remain the same or worsen complain to your doctor immediately. Ensure you avoid using this drug during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Furthermore, for the appropriate pricing for this drug; check the image belowBupropion Pricing Image

Bupropion Pricing Image

From the pricing screenshot, the average pricing for Bupropion is $2.88 per pill. Note that the price may differ with pharmacy and the quantity purchased. For the best price check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

Bupropion Reviews

Before we make any conclusions about this drug it is good that you see for yourself what patients who have used this drug have to say. This would give you a clearer picture of what to expect regarding efficacy and effects. Check a couple of customer reviews below

Bupropion Reviews

Bupropion Reviews

The first patient used bupropion for the treatment of a major depressive disorder. These patients tell us that the med has helped so far in diminishing her depression. The second reviewer used bupropion for treating major depressive disorder also. He tells us that he has been on the drug for a year and it has improved his well being. The last review comes from a patient who also used the drug for the treatment of depression. He tells us that bupropion is the best treatment he has used so far.


In summary, White Pill A 101 or Bupropion or Budeprion Xl 150 is a drug that has proven effective in treating depression. However, it should be used with care putting in mind the tips in this article and following your doctor’s instruction to the letter. We advise that you check our top list of recommended pharmacies for the best prices and you beware of scammers while attempting to purchase this med online.

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