PharmacyWorld and Canadian Pharmacy World – Are they the Same

PharmacyWorld and Canadian Pharmacy World – Are they the Same?

Pharmacy World and Canadian Pharmacy World can be sometimes confusing given their similarity in their names. However, these two names represent two different shops—one is an actual local drugstore while the other is a mail-order online web store.

Pharmacy World and Canadian Pharmacy World: What is the difference?

Although they may sound similar, these two stores are actually two different things. Pharmacy World is actually an independent drugstore, while Canadian Pharmacy World is an online pharmacy. Their names may have the same “pharmacy world” term, but they are not even remotely related.

Pharmacy World

According to online information, Pharmacy World is an independent local drugstore, which means that it is a local pharmacy without any connections with other pharmacy chains like CVS, Walmart, and others. There is little-known information on this store online—this drugstore does not have its own website, but there is one reference to it by NHS Choices, a UK-based health government service.

Based on the information for Pharmacy World from NHS Choices, Pharmacy World is a UK store located in the Roseworth Shopping Precinct on Stockton On Tees in the United Kingdom. NHS detailed the local drugstore’s services to help give an idea of what the pharmacy has to offer—the Pharmacy World shop has the following basic services available for its consumers:

  • Appliance dispensing
  • Prescription delivery service
  • Flu vaccination service (seasonal)
  • Prescription collection
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • New medicine service
  • Inhaler recycling
  • Private consultation room
  • Inhaler recycling

Apart from these services, Pharmacy World is also offering NHS and non-NHS pharmacy services to its consumers.

NHS services offered by Pharmacy World encompass the following:

  • Chlamydia screening and treatment
  • Gluten-free food service
  • Condom supply
  • Head lice management
  • Smoking cessation service and voucher service
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Emergency contraception
  • Vaccination
  • …plus others

As for the non-NHS services, consumers can expect the following

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Vaccination
  • Weight management
  • Non-risk group seasonal flu vaccinations
  • Health checks
  • Smoking cessation service
  • …plus others

Consumers can use the pharmacy from Mondays to Saturdays, 8:45 am to 5:00 pm. The shop is also open during Sundays but only from 5:00 pm through 9:00 pm. Pharmacy World offers its number 01642 677 999 for its consumers to use.

Canadian Pharmacy World

Canadian Pharmacy World

Canadian Pharmacy World, on the one hand, is a decorated online drugstore with certifications and approvals from prominent organizations such as CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and IPABC. Unlike other online drugstores claiming to be “Canadian”, Canadian Pharmacy World is actually based in Canada, in Surrey, BC. It was established in 2006 and is focused on delivering affordable medications from Canada and the other parts of the world, even to international clients.

If Pharmacy World is a true local drugstore, Canadian Pharmacy World is merely a virtual one. However, like in a regular pharmacy, Canadian Pharmacy World is also requiring its consumers to provide the valid prescriptions for their orders (for Rx-only medicines) so their orders may be processed. According to Canadian Pharmacy World, it sources its medicines from Canada, Turkey, the United Kingdom, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and Mauritius, which are places where medicines are cheaper.

Canadian Pharmacy World offers medicines for various medical conditions. Some of the medicines at the store include products for the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Angina
  • ALS
  • Cholesterol
  • Eye care
  • Digestive disorders
  • Hepatitis
  • Depression

This shop features free shipping to the continental United States but charges $25 for shipping to the rest of the world. Consumers can call 1 866 485 7979 or email the shop at [email protected] for more questions.

Canadian Pharmacy World Reviews vs Pharmacy World Reviews

Reviews were both available for the local drugstore Pharmacy World and the website Canadian Pharmacy World so we checked both sets of reviews to see if these stores were able to benefit their consumers.

Pharmacy World Review

Pharmacy World Review

According to M. Kilcullen, Pharmacy World deserved 5 stars because of the convenience. He’s been using the shop for 2 years and according to him, the staff was helpful and he enjoyed being able to do advanced orders through phone.

Pharmacy World Review

Pharmacy World Review

An anonymous buyer also gave the shop 5/5 points for its great service. According to him, the Pharmacy World staff helped them select the best anti-malarial medication for their Uganda trip. Because of this, he highly recommends the pharmacy to other consumers.

Pharmacy World Review

Pharmacy World Review

Micheal gave Pharmacy World 5 out of 5 for its “great service” and mentioned that the pharmacy was “definitely one of the best” pharmacies he’s encountered so far. He recounted the store giving him and his dad excellent flu medicine advice, hence the good rating.

Canadian Pharmacy World Rating

Canadian Pharmacy World Rating

Canadian Pharmacy World also had good ratings (initially) from its consumers. According to Joseph Daniel, the online pharmacy was affordable and offered a fast delivery of his products. NB also recognized the shop’s good pricing and also admired the store’s “professional staff” and its timely delivery.

Canadian Pharmacy World Rating

Canadian Pharmacy World Rating

D Hawthorne also rated the store 5/5 points, like the two other users because the shop had a fast service and low prices for the medicines.

However, despite the positive comments for Canadian Pharmacy World, one buyer gave the store only 2 out of 5. According to him, his first order came through after 4 weeks of waiting. His second order, though, did not show up and he claimed to have lost $100 on his last order.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra and Canadian Pharmacy Cialis Prices

We were unable to view Pharmacy World prices for the famed erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra and Cialis, but since Canadian Pharmacy World is more transparent for its prices, we were able to check how much these medicines cost on the site:

  • Viagra (Pfizer) 100 mg: $8.31 each
  • Generic Sildenafil Citrate (Suhagra from Cipla) 100 mg: $0.53 each
  • Cialis (Eli Lilly) 20 mg: $13.91 each
  • Generic Tadalafil (Tadalafil Mylan) 20 mg: $2.22 each

Compared to local drugstore prices, these ED prices are affordable.


Pharmacy World and Canadian Pharmacy World are two different shops. The former is a UK-based local pharmacy, while the other is a Canada-based web drugstore. Both stores had good reviews from their consumers, although Canadian Pharmacy World had one complaint about a lost parcel.

Buyers in the UK can easily use Pharmacy World if they are located in the vicinity, but Canadian Pharmacy World consumers may need to verify the store before using it. For a list of good websites to use, you can consider our list of Top Online Pharmacies.

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