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Perscription Meds Online: Challenges and Benefits of Buying Drugs Online

Studies nowadays show that some online pharmacies encourage the consumers to “abuse” medicines by selling prescription substances that may eventually harm the buyers.

The statistic is clear about the potential for abuse of online drugstores – a lot of users are using web drugstores to purchase prescription-only medicines since these online pharmacies are too lenient in offering their products to the demographics with the perceived need for these scheduled substances. Naturally, illegal operators want profit and since the market for illegal, prescription-free medicines is lucrative, they continuously serve consumers with the medicines they need.

Although it is quite dangerous for patients to use medicines they are not actually prescribed, they still pursue cheap medications online. Why? It’s because of the impossible drug costs at local pharmacies, which, sadly, are more than what the buyers can afford. Most patients suffering from chronic diseases do not have the means to provide their medicines due to lack of healthcare and insurance and this lack forces them to turn to desperate measures like getting their medicines from unknown websites selling meds without Rx.

A large fraction of the population (in America alone) is seeking cost-effective alternatives to the exorbitantly priced medications. They are looking because they have no choice and they want to get better. Sadly, purchasing medicines online is tricky – buyers need to find safe sources for their medicines or else they will be getting in touch with scammers who would steal their money or ship them fake medicines instead.

How to Buy Medicines Safely From an Online Pharmacy

Online prescription purchases require shoppers to be extremely careful. According to FDA and other drug regulatory organizations, legit pharmacies need customers to provide prescriptions before they are dispensed the medicines. Since checking if a store asks for prescription alone is not a guarantee of a store’s reliability – in most cases, buyers need to conduct their research and look into data from associations like the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s “List of Not suggested Websites” to be able to identify if the stores they are transacting with are legit.

Another way to ascertain if a website is legit is to look for the VIPPS® Seal in websites. This seal implies that the web pharmacy is safe to use because it met the criteria for legitimately functioning online pharmacies. However, this seal only applies to US sites, so consumers should look for other national associations that may verify a store’s reliability, like for instance, CIPA, MIPA, IPABC, or CPA from Canada.

Signs of a Rogue Online Pharmacy

Some online meds stores are not actually authorized to dispense prescription meds. You have to look for several red flags that would indicate that a website is not safe to use. Here are things you may need to look for in “rogue” or unsafe websites:

  • Utterly and ridiculously low prices
  • No reviews from third-party platforms
  • With complaints from consumers all over the web
  • Stores with no contact information (physical address, phone numbers, email, etc.)
  • Shops offering no drug information (manufacturer, origin country, FDA approval status, etc.)
  • Stores with poorly constructed (English) content
  • Shops with low ratings when checked against domain analysis platforms (Scamner, Scam Adviser, etc.)

Although this list of rogue store traits is not exhaustive, these characteristics should help you immediately identify which websites are explicitly illegal and most likely operated by scammers.

Saving Money on Online Meds

Medications that are genuine, effective, and increase the quality of life are also available at online pharmacy platforms. Legitimate internet pharmacies scale back their prices for these medicines in order to help buyers afford their treatment, hence their popularity with consumers.

Not all online drugstores are illicit – there are still good ones out there – buyers only have to look harder and to search for them smarter.

Challenges to Buying Meds Online

While searching online avoids the hassles of waiting in line or driving through traffic, you somewhat sacrifice your waiting time for the meds – you can obtain your meds easily at local pharmacies as opposed to waiting for almost a month for your meds using online drugstores.

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However, for some, waiting for the meds is a small trade to make for big savings on their meds. Some users have learned to order their prescriptions in advance so they would not have to deal with their dwindling meds supplies, especially for medicines critical for their health.


FDA warns consumers that there are many online pharmacies claiming to sell prescription products at extremely discounted prices, usually without a request for a valid prescription. These e-pharmacies sometimes sell unapproved generics or counterfeit medicines that may harm the consumers’ health. Although not all online drugstores are like this (some are good ones, like the stores included on our TOP Vendors list), customers should be wary of possible scam stores and should do research on the online drugstores they would like to use before resolving to purchase from them.

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