Ecrater Coupon – Discount Coupons to Save More Money

Ecrater Coupon – Discount Coupons to Save More Money

Ecrater is a large online auction site that is free to use. Users can sell products that they have and set up their online shops for the buyers to see what else they have to offer. It may not be as large as its online marketplace counterparts like eBay, Bonanza, Listia, and others but Ecrater has a large following of its own. It’s a great place both for the sellers and the buyers because the site itself is very easy to use. Buyers can browse for up to a million different products ranging from antiques to beauty products to health and personal care, to sports equipment and many more. To quickly find what they are looking for, a search box is provided on the front page of its site where the buyers can quickly look for the products that they have in mind.

What sets Ecrater apart from other stores is that it doesn’t charge any monthly fees to the sellers. This gives the users the freedom to use the site’s facilities and freely sell their products to the buyers that visit the site. Using the site for selling products is free but for the site itself to generate income for it to keep running, it offers the sellers it service of promoting their products on the main marketplace. The main marketplace is the part of the site where the large part of the internet traffic comes in, meaning it’s the place where their products have a greater advantage to be seen by many potential customers. The only fee that Ecrater asks for in users that will be taking advantage of this service is 2.9% of the total amount of the item that the customers have sold and that’s it. No charges will be deducted to the sellers until they are able to sell their product.

In using this site, the items of the seller are not only limited to the people who are visiting the site. They can also use a service where Ecrater will also be endorsing their products via Google Shopping, making their products more visible to more potential customers in the internet. The only disadvantage that customers will encounter with using this online store is that it can only be used by people who are in the United States. Both the seller and the buyer must be in the US since Ecrater cannot cater to international users. So far, this is the only disadvantage that it has compared to other online marketplaces that can be used by customers from all around the world.

Ecrater Coupons 2018

Ecrater Coupons 2018

For a privilege to purchase the products on its website at discounted prices, customers can use coupons that are provided by Ecrater’s affiliate sites. These coupons are not only limited to discounts but some also provide perks like free shipping and freebies. The coupons themselves are mainly for discounts and dollars-off to the total amount of the customer’s purchase but there are also store specific discounts where customers can avail great deals from a certain shop within Ecrater.

Ecrater App

Customers and sellers alike can now easily access Ecrater through its mobile app. They will now be able to sell their products or purchase them while being on the go. No more need to access its website through a web browser since the mobile application itself is the Ecrater store, made more accessible to its users. The app has the same features as the website itself. Users will be able to create their free online store in just a matter of minutes and buyers will be able to search from its database that contains millions of products. The products that are uploaded using the app will also be submitted to Google Product Search where more potential customers will be able to see it.

Ecrater Reviews

Ecrater Customer Reviews

Ecrater Customer Reviews

A customer named Marie Lightner gave Ecrater 5 stars for the brief testimonial that she gave, highly recommending the store to customers. She mentioned no specifics regarding the review that she gave but she summed her whole shopping experience up as “fantastic”. Marie guarantees Ecrater that she will be a repeat customer.

The next review was from a customer named Christopher, encouraging other buyers to try Ecrater out. He was honest to admit that he was not very confident of the store at first but he still decided to try and find out. What he was looking for is a card and successfully communicated with a seller on how to purchase it. Christopher used PayPal to pay for the card that he has ordered and just after a few days, he received his order through mail. The card that he received was exactly the one that was in the description. There was also a tracking number that came with the card and it was also very well packaged. The seller even gave him a complimentary discount of $10 and just like Marie from the first review, he will definitely be a repeat customer.

Ecrater Customer Service Phone Number

Unfortunately, there are no available customer service phone numbers for buyers to use if ever they are going to need any assistance with using the website of Ecrater. Instead, customers will be able to reach them by filling out a form on its Contact page. Customers can detail any of their concerns or suggestions and they will be receiving a response from the site’s administrators regarding their queries. Since the transactions are directly between the seller and the buyer, customers can instead contact the sellers whose contact details are indicated on their shops. This will now make the transaction easier since it won’t have to go through the site itself.


Ecrater is a good online marketplace to sell products since it does not charge its sellers any monthly fees for their shops. It will only ask for the 2.9% of the total amount of the product sold if the user agrees to sell their products in the main marketplace with the help of the site itself. Coupons are also wonderful ways to save more in purchasing here and these are provided by Ecrater’s affiliate sites.

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