Deluxe Pharmacy

Deluxe Pharmacy: Former Online Pharmacy

Deluxe Pharmacy is a former online pharmacy which may have operated on the web for a few years. It looks much like every other online drugstore in the market; however, unlike common web pharmacies, Deluxe Pharmacy is explicitly offering medicines like Valium, Tramadol, and other potentially harmful and highly addictive medicines even to consumers without prescriptions for these products.

There is no clear reason on why this web drugstore has closed down. However, based on our experience with online drugstores, web pharmacies that shut down usually do so due to the following factors:

  • domain registry expiry
  • government reprimand
  • bankruptcy
  • law eviction
  • move to another website

However, in some cases, the shops merely close down immediately in order to intentionally avoid communication with their consumers, especially if they are scam sites.

Deluxe Pharmacy

Deluxe Pharmacy has several medical supplies at their disposal, ranging from conventional products like pain relief medicines and blood pressure meds, to the rare or peculiar like hair loss treatments, cancer drugs, and more. However, instead of providing only meds that are “safe” to use, Deluxe Pharmacy is also offering potentially addicting medicines and products that are considered illegal to use without prescriptions. Consumers need not provide the prescriptions for the products since the shop freely dispenses the meds without the need for any written script.

Deluxe Reviews

This online pharmacy has received several comments and a majority of them are negative reviews. Most customers were not happy with the services they received while some even complained that they have not received their product after making payments. A customer who goes by the name Val simple said that the site was a pure scam. This statement simply shows that he was not impressed with the services of the

Another customer who goes by the name Trent Cain said he had placed his orders since the 22nd of February 2018 after making payment but he hasn’t received any product. Other customers were not left with this disappointment. We are aware of such nefarious activities that’s why we have recommended some top online pharmacies to you. They are reliable and efficient. They have competent staff and doctors that are always ready to attend to you. Their products are also cheap and affordable. Your health is important, so always endeavor to buy quality instead of quantity.

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You can visit our list of top online pharmacies that also sell prescription drugs and over the counter drugs. Apart from having an active presence online they also have local offices where you can walk in and buy whatever product of your choice.


Deluxe Pharmacy is an online drugstore that’s not too discreet about including addictive medicines in its product lineup. Consumers were free to order their meds from Deluxe Pharmacy even without sending their prescriptions to the shop. This shop, however, was rather short-lived and only lasted a few years. Reviews for this store were limited and the few that were available for the store were negative.

Deluxe Pharmacy defrauds unsuspecting customers of their hard earned money. They don’t send you any product after making payments or even when they do, you will get something different from what you ordered. They are other pharmacies that also bear the same nomenclature as Deluxe pharmacy. We cannot ascertain the efficacy of their services or if they sell original products.

Always follow your doctor’s instructions and avoid any form of self-medication. Drug abuse could lead to severe side effects or even death. Store your drugs at a room temperature and always keep them away from children, pets, and pregnant women. You can also obtain incite about the drug from the contents written on the packet.

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