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Buying Pain Meds Online Legal 

Pain medicines are some of the medicines buyers are commonly interested in purchasing at online pharmacies. Most of this is because prescription pain medicines are hard to come by locally, especially for patients without the prescriptions for these products. Fortunately for most buyers, there are online drugstores offering these pain medicines even without prescriptions.

Is it Legal to Purchase Pain Medicines Online?

Purchasing medicines online is quite a sensitive topic. Although the Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers about purchasing medicines online, ordering overseas is still technically legal. Laws concerning online medicine orders in the United States explicitly state that it is illegal to re-import medicines into the country, but that it is legal to import medicines for personal use as long as the consumers have the necessary prescriptions to show for them.

As for pain medications, it is flagrantly illegal to purchase medicines without the appropriate Rx, even at local drugstores or from online pharmacies. This means that regardless of the setting, it is illegal for customers to purchase pain medicines without prescriptions.

Simple medicines for pain relief are often purchased over the counter (like acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and others), but there are also pain relief medicines classified as narcotics and opioids which are more volatile and dangerous to take especially by patients who were unable to consult their doctors regarding their eligibility to take the medicines.

Although buyers may have doubts about the FDA regulating pain medicines due to their alleged agreements with big pharmaceutical companies, buyers should still take care in purchasing medicines without Rx because purchasing potent medicines without the prescriptions is harmful.

Risks of Purchasing Pain Medicines without Rx?

To emphasize how the patients may be disadvantaged by purchasing pain medicines, we have outlined the possible risks buyers may encounter whenever purchasing medicines online without prescriptions:

  • Purchasing pain medicines without Rx makes the buyers more susceptible to adverse effects – There are reasons why most strong pain medicines should only be bought with prescriptions. In most cases, prescription pain relief medicines contain active ingredients that may interact with other prescription medicines or other medical conditions and may cause adverse side effects in the patients.
  • Some online operators are selling counterfeit medicines that can jeopardize their overall health – Some online pharmacies are not concerned with the welfare of their buyers and are merely focused on profits. These online drugstores may ship counterfeit medicines that may be ineffective or may cause harm to the users.
  • Some online drugstores sell medicines that have correct active ingredients but have the wrong doses – Pain treatments from online drugstores allowing no-Rx purchases may contain the right active ingredients but may have too little or too much of the active contents. Pain relief medicines with too little of the active ingredients may not do much harm, but meds with too much of the active contents may endanger the patients’ lives.
  • Consumers may receive medicines with the wrong active ingredients – Studies by specific companies in collaboration with the FDA reveal that some medicines sold online contain wrong active ingredients and in some cases, several hidden active contents. Shops may declare that they’re selling “herbal” treatments but in the end are peddling medicines with hidden potent ingredients that may be harmful to specific patient populations. There are also complaints on the web about users receiving the wrongfully labeled medicines which did not only inconvenience the buyers but also put their health at risk.
  • Buyers may be legally reprimanded by importing prescription pain medicines without Rx – The health risks of purchasing pain medicines without Rx are imminent, as well as legal reprimands. Apart from singling out websites selling Rx medicines without asking for prescriptions, the FDA and the DEA are also working on prosecuting users purchasing controlled pain medicines online. Illegal possession of scheduled substances is punishable by law, so buyers caught importing smuggled pain medicines may be facing arrest or incarceration.

Reliable Online Pharmacy

Albeit it is illegal to purchase medicines online without Rx, the government allows importation of medicines as long as the buyers provide the valid prescriptions for the product. Online purchases of medicines are still beneficial to the users due to their obvious advantages—low-cost medicines, discreet service, hassle-free deliveries, and so on—as long as they are able to find legitimate online drugstores to use for their drug needs.

Pharmacy Mall, A Reliable Online Drugstore

Pharmacy Mall, A Reliable Online Drugstore

To assist you in finding the best online pharmacies, we’ve come up with several tips you can use:

  • Read reviews. Visuals are deceiving—this means that customers should not rely on the visual value of an online drugstore whenever deciding to purchase anything from it. Buyers should read reviews of the online drugstores before proceeding to purchase, to be able to get an overview of the shop’s service. Most on-site reviews for these online drugstores will often sound great, but it is the third-party reviews that customers should pay attention to.
  • Verify the store’s affiliations. Some online drugstores are claiming to have affiliations with prestigious drug organizations, but not all of these may be true. To be sure, check a shop’s claim by researching online.
  • Check if the store’s support is responsive. Another way to determine if a store is legitimate or not is to check if its numbers or addresses are accurate or if its support team is responsive.


Purchasing pain medicines without Rx is obviously illegal, but this does not mean that customers should refrain from using online drugstores forever. There are stores like Pharmacy Mall ( offering FDA approved products (even for pain relief) that are not only legal but are also safe to use. You can purchase your medicines from Pharmacy Mall with confidence, but also make sure to consult your doctor first before attempting to use any product you have purchased online, pain medicine or not.

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