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Prjkt Ruby Review: Online Platform for Birth Control Contraceptives

Prjkt ruby offers the exact choice to edge childbirths at an affordable cost. This platform is anticipated for ladies in the United States. This is an online program that can be used easily. This platform can alter the way females order oral contraceptives. It’s a modest, safe, and personal way. You need not be troubled to use this platform. The platform gives twenty-five cents from the sale of oral contraceptives to help access to contraceptive purchases in third world countries. Women in third-world countries have trouble buying oral contraceptives. Such provision is provided to worldwide health officialdoms that do not tax bound. You should know that the method consists of emergency contraception, implants, IUD contraceptives, oral contraceptives, and injections.

Prjkt Ruby, offer birth control contraceptives at an affordable price. The customer is only required to pay twenty dollars for the monthly cycle. Then, the client will receive the supply for three months at a free shipment fee.  Prjkt Ruby is modernizing the way women purchase birth control contraceptives. This project allows ladies from everywhere to order birth control tablets without doctor’s prescription. This approach is very useful for women who lack birth control and those women who can’t afford to pay for doctor’s visit to obtain regular/monthly birth control. This Prjkt Ruby works as follows, customers are asked the questions similar to those asked by doctors. Prjkt Ruby has their own doctors on staff board, which will assess and review your health history before they decide on the safe contraceptives to administer to you.

In most cases, every project has got its merits and demerits. Prjkt Ruby is significant in that it allows those ladies without full insurance cover to acquire the drugs without the fees associated with visiting doctors. The project is also highly convenient because birth control is availed at the customer’s doorstep. The main disadvantage of Prjkt Ruby is that as a result of evasion from monthly examination, women are likely to develop vaginal cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. Another downside is that you might be given contraceptives that are not compatible/suit for your body hence risking development of side effects. 

Prjkt Ruby Reviews

One of the royal customers attests that she has been receiving birth control contraceptives from Prjkt Ruby. She attests that Prjkt Ruby is great; Moreover Prjkt Ruby allows their customers to adjust the sequence of delivery of the birth control contraceptives. For example this client by the name notacelebrityok, she receives her 3 packets of birth control contraceptives every 80 days. This is because she prefers to use inactive contraceptives. This customer adds that for those customers who like using active contraceptives can receive their contraceptives frequently as necessitated by their needs. Prjkt Ruby has a good customer care support. This customer confirms that in one instance she did not receive her package but upon call Prjkt Ruby customer care support, they sent her a new packet. Therefore she highly recommends Prjkt Ruby to other customers.





Prjkt Ruby Reviews

Another Client by the name barefoot 1230 bears out that nothing in Prjkt Ruby is unexpected. She explains that Prjkt Ruby provides birth control contraceptives which are similar in chemical composition to those offered in health setups. She proceeds to explain how Prjkt Ruby platform works. Prjkt Ruby program has a board of online professional doctors who assess patients via questionnaires. This client felt safe in this online consultation office. Another thing that impressed Bear foot is that for every purchase made, Prjkt Ruby donates some money to support women who cannot afford to acquire birth control contraceptives.

Roman 1ac narrates that at one time, she did not qualify for insurance for 80 days. Therefore she had to opt for a cheaper and convenient method to acquire birth control. This client was happy to meet Prjkt Ruby who sold to her birth control at twenty dollars. To her, this was quite fair as she was used to buying drugs at $27.5 per month, inclusive of insurance cover.

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Prjkt Ruby Free Shipping Offer

Prjkt Ruby provides good deals to their customer, they offer contraceptive drugs to all the customers without customers. Besides for each month of oral contraceptives bought through Prjkt Ruby, a donation of twenty-five cents are created to support access to the contraceptive method for girls within the developing world by Population Services International. In addition, Prjkt Ruby provide free shipping to their clients.

Is Prjkt Ruby Legal?

There are many ways that can be used to check whether a certain platform is secure and safe for human. In regard to customer reviews, Prjkt Ruby can be a nice place to obtain birth control meds. This is because none of their customers is heard complaining about the services and drugs offered. Moreover, most of the customers are happy with the services and they recommend other visitors to give Prjkt Ruby a shot.

Prjkt Ruby is also in association with global organizations such as Population Services International (PSI) which is a non-profit global health organization. Other organizations that Prjkt Ruby work together (SFH) and Pan-American Social Marketing Organization (PASMO) They offer comprehensive primary health care on gender-based violence counseling and consultation on family planning.


Prjkt Ruby is an online platform/program that allows women to obtain birth control at an affordable price. Besides, this plat does not require a prescription from doctor hence saving women from consultation fee, time and travel cost to the health centers. Moreover, birth control meds are availed to the doorstep in a confidential manner. The only problem associated with this project is an increase in STDs and vaginal cancer due to lack of regular screening.

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