Canadian Pharmacies Review

Canadian Pharmacies Review: Are Canadian Pharmacies Real?

A pharmacy is always as good as its previous users say it is. People who use a pharmacy usually take their time to write reviews in order to let other people who would like to buy their meds from the same pharmacy know what to expect. If a pharmacy served their previous customers well, they will receive positive comments. If the pharmacy scammed their customers, the customers will report this. There are numerous Canadian pharmacies. All of these pharmacies will claim that they offer the best medications. However, this does not always hold true for all of them.

Some of the stores will use great business language to try and attract unsuspecting customers in order to get a chance to steal from them. If you use how the pharmacy’s website looks to try and judge how they operate, you will be in for a huge surprise. Fake pharmacies will look exactly the same way a real pharmacy will look. The best way to judge a pharmacy would be through checking the customer feedback.

Canadian Pharmacies User Review

Pharmacies may not be truthful. However, their customers are. They will tell the truth about the experience that they had when ordering their drugs and during the delivery process. There are both the Canadian pharmacies which will offer the best services and those that will just offer mediocre services and even fake drugs. The following comments from previous Canadian pharmacy users should prove this to you.

Canadian Pharmacies Review

Canadian Pharmacies Review

The above user has used a Canadian pharmacy for more than one year. He says that the pharmacy that he has been using is legitimate. It has a very reasonable price. He has been buying Viagra and Cialis from them. He is very happy with the service that he gets including customer support and shipping.

Canadian Pharmacies User Testimonial

Canadian Pharmacies User Testimonial

This reviewer says that the Canadian pharmacy that he has been using is very easy and accommodating to work with. They explained things very well. They told him when the shipping would arrive. The above customer is very satisfied.

The customers above indicate a lot of satisfaction in regard to the services that they have received. However, this is not always the case. Some of the Canadian pharmacies don’t offer what customers are looking for. This can be proven by the following comments:

Canadian Pharmacies User Complains

Canadian Pharmacies User Complains

The first commenter here says that the Canadian pharmacy has not changed. He is still receiving non-stop sales calls from them even after three years. He is receiving too many calls. He has tried to tell them to stop calling him by emailing them but they still don’t listen. He says that he had to tell them that he had passed away in order to see whether they will stop spamming him.

The second reviewer is also complaining about being spammed. He had bought Viagra from the Canadian Pharmacy about eight to ten years ago. The store has been harassing him ever since. For ten years they have been spam calling him. He has tried to tell them to stop. However, they don’t listen.

The above reviews show you that you have to be very cautious when you are choosing the pharmacy to purchase your drugs from. You cannot get to know a scammer by checking what they have on their website. But, we make this easier for you. We investigate different online Canadian stores. Once we determine that the store is real and it does not spam people, we add it to our top-rated list. One of the best Canadian pharmacies that we have found online that fits the description of a legal and genuine store is Online Pills Pharmacy.

Canadian Pharmacies Discount Meds

If you are careful when you choose your Canadian pharmacy from which to order your meds from, then you can be guaranteed of huge savings on either your non-prescription or prescription meds. Generally, in comparison to the prices that you will find in the local stores, Canadian Online pharmacies will allow you to save a minimum of 70%. This means that you will only have to pay at most 30% of the price that you would have paid in the local stores. In some cases, the savings may go even higher. Here is the proof:

Canadian Pharmacies Prescription Meds Price

Canadian Pharmacies Prescription Meds Price

The above prices are from an online Canadian pharmacy. As you can see, the above pharmacy offers you the chance to save more than 70%. In fact, the savings that you get can go as high as 97%. Meaning you get to pay only 3% for your drug. On top of the huge savings, Canadian pharmacies have coupon codes which will allow you to save more.

As we investigate different online pharmacies, one thing that we have come to note is that some of them will use low prices as a bait. For this reason, don’t get attracted by the prices just because they are low. We have the genuine stores that will sell safe drugs at the lowest prices in our catalog. These are the stores that will deliver.

Mail Order Canadian Pharmacies

Numerous legit Canadian Pharmacies will allow their customers to use mail order to order their drugs and receive them. 90% of the pharmacies located in Canada will not deliver even if they claim that they will. This is because they are just scams. You can avoid losing your money and health by avoiding fake Canadian Pharmacies which will deliver fake meds. You can do this by ordering your medications from a drugstore that has been determined to offer great delivery services and communication. We grant you access to these vendors on our top-rated Canadian Pharmacies list.


There are both positive and negative reviews that are available for Canadian Pharmacies. This means that if you are not careful, you might end up falling into the trap of one those pharmacies that have negative reviews. A pharmacy will receive negative reviews if it deserves them. Thus, if a pharmacy has negative reviews, it will scam you too. To avoid the negative pharmacies, use the pharmacies that we have in our top-rated Canadian Pharmacies catalog.


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