Buy Oxycontin Online Legit – A Schedule II Drug Still Permitted for Sale and Use

Buy Oxycontin Online Legit – A Schedule II Drug Still Permitted for Sale and Use

Oxycontin is the brand name of the drug Oxycodone, a timed-release formula for the drug and is used as a pain medication. Oxycontin is a popular and a controversial drug as well because of its addictive properties, being a narcotic analgesic. Oxycodone is synthesized from thebaine (paramorphine), an opioid alkaloid found in the opium poppy. It is somewhat a moderately potent painkiller that is about 1.5 times stronger than morphine. The range of the pain that it treats is from moderate to severe, relieving injury pains, cancer, and arthritis to name some.

The drug was first developed in 1916 by pharmacists Freund and Speyer of the University of Frankfurt in Germany. The clinical trials of the drug were not started until the following year and its introduction to the US market was not until a much later time that was in May 1939, 22 years after its discovery. It was a very effective painkiller that helped many people handle and manage pain. But due to the narcotic-like effects of the drug, it was classified as a Schedule II drug of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and became a federally-controlled drug.

Drug Enforcement Administration

Drug Enforcement Administration

But the drug’s status as a federally controlled drug does not mean that patients who need it would no longer be able to purchase it. Oxycontin can still be bought at the local pharmacies as long as the patients have the prescriptions from their physicians and their healthcare professionals. This drug is very helpful especially to people suffering from chronic pain since it has a timed-release formula that can give its users for up to 12 hours of relief from pain. Other analgesics would only work for about 4 hours and then the pain would relapse and they would have to take the drug again. Oxycontin provides a longer lasting effect that would allow its users to be pain-free for longer durations of time, allowing them to function normally without experiencing pain from their underlying health conditions or injuries.

For customers who are looking for much cheaper options, legitimate online pharmacies are the answer. These pharmacies provide for as much as 80% discount, giving customers more savings. But customers should be careful in choosing the online pharmacy that they would purchase from to avoid the fake pharmacies that would otherwise rip them off or send them fake drugs which would be lethal when taken. Buyers should only purchase from pharmacies that are already trusted by many and uses SSL certificates for the protection of the customer’s CC and personal data online.

Not only do online pharmacies sell Oxycontin at affordable prices but the products that they sell are also safe to use. These online drugstores only sell FDA-approved Oxycontin which are sourced only from pharmaceutical companies that are certified by the World Health Organization. If local drugstores require their customers to provide scripts before they are allowed to purchase their medicines, online pharmacies don’t require it. Buyers can just purchase their medicines right away, select the quantities that they need and then proceed to the checkout page.

Best Place to Buy Oxycontin Online Without Prescription Legit

The best place to buy Oxycontin online is from online pharmacies that use secure connections on their web pages. This can easily be detected by checking the URL or the domain name of the pharmacy site. If the domain name starts with HTTPS, then the pharmacy is good.

HTTPS Sites Secure

HTTPS Sites Secure

HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and it’s an indication that the website uses SSL encryption. If the pharmacy site’s URL starts with HTTP, then it is not a real online pharmacy. These type of sites are not secure and are most likely operated by scammers and hackers for stealing personal and card information from unsuspecting customers.

To verify if an online pharmacy is safe to use, customers should also try contacting the contact details provided by the pharmacy site to check if they are indeed operating legitimately, both through phone and through email. If they receive no response from the calls and the emails that they send, it is most probable that the site itself is a scam. Buyers should also be careful of pharmacy sites that offer bargains that are too good to be true. These are most likely baits to lure customers in to get them to fill out the order and the payment forms.

Current Price of Legit Oxycontin Online

Customers will save a lot of money in buying Oxycontin online because it is abundant in generic versions. For as low as $42 USD, customers can already purchase 120 pills of 30 mg dosage of the drug. This price is actually a very good price, a single pill amounting to only $0.35 USD. Compared to the price of the branded Oxycontin which would be $1,303 USD for 120 pills of 30 mg dosage strength, customers would save a whopping $1,261 USD. The generic Oxycontin that is sold online has the exact same effects as the expensive brand sold locally and is also approved effective and safe for use by the FDA.

Experiences in Buying Oxycontin Online – Is It Possible?

Absolutely. The regulations for the sale and purchase of Oxycontin may be strict due to its classification as a Schedule II drug by the DEA but it does not mean that the drug is already prohibited for sale. It can still be bought locally and online but it’s not as easy as purchasing over-the-counter medications. The pharmacies must first verify if the customers will be using the drugs properly through a stringent process. It is possible to purchase the drug online but it’s not that easy because of its potential to be misused and abused.


Oxycontin can be bought from legitimate online pharmacies and it’s not only limited to local drugstores. This drug uses Oxycodone as its main ingredient, a narcotic analgesic that has a large potential to be abused. Due to the large number of cases related to its misuse, it has been classified as a Schedule II drug by the DEA and became a federally-controlled drug. But even if Oxycontin is a Schedule II drug, it’s sale and use is not prohibited.

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