What is the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment for You?

Suffering from hemorrhoids? The following are 3 hemorrhoids treatment that you can choose from.

1. Home treatment

Hemorrhoids cause pains and discomfort but they are not that serious. They can be cured easily which you can even do at home. Most of the times, hemorrhoids can be managed through home treatment. This is the recommended hemorrhoid treatment because they are as effective as the medical treatment particularly for external hemorrhoids. The following are the hemorrhoid treatments which you can do at home. These are simple and easy to follow tips to cure your hemorrhoids.

Best Hemorrhoid Treatment

Eat foods that are rich in fiber. Since it is believed that constipation causes the hemorrhoids, fiber will help soften your stool in order to avoid having constipation. If your fiber intake is not enough, you can use laxatives and stool softeners to manage constipation. Food rich in fiber are fruits and vegetables, breads and cereals as well as legumes.

Sitting or soaking your anus or rectal area in a warm water for 10-15 minutes for at least three times a day. This is called the sitz bath. This can help shrink your external hemorrhoids aside from relieving you of the pain.

Maintain a healthy diet. You have to watch what you eat because there are foods which can worsen the pains and discomfort that you are experiencing from your hemorrhoids. Eating nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables will not only give you the fiber that you need but also the necessary nutrients that you body needs for proper digestion. Avoid caffeine, spicy foods and beer that can stimulate the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

If your fiber intake is not enough, you can take fiber supplements.

Avoid straining your anal area by avoiding constipation and lifting heavy things. Do not worsen your condition by staying in the toilet for long periods of time.

Make sure to maintain the cleanliness in your anal area. Use water and wipes when cleaning your anus to avoid irritation and drying.

Using non prescription drugs or over the counter products such as hemorrhoid creams, gels and foams.

2. Non Surgical procedures or Fixative procedures

These are procedures usually done inside the clinic or office of a physician. These are procedures that aim to reduce the supply of blood to the hemorrhoids in order to shrink them and make them go away. These procedures don’t require the use of anesthesia.

These non surgical procedures are the following:

Rubber Band Litigation – this involves the tying of the hemorrhoids with a rubber band in order to prevent the supply of blood in the hemorrhoids.

Coagulation therapy – this involves the use of heat, laser or electricity to create a scar on the tissue in order to shrink the hemorrhoids.

3. Surgical procedures

If hemorrhoids are severe and big that is really causing too much pain, surgical procedures may be performed. When choosing this kind of treatment, it is important to note that this can be an expensive treatment. Moreover, it can also bring you more complications and takes a longer time to recover. In order to avoid this, treat your hemorrhoids early. Hemorrhoidectomy is an effective surgical procedure that can treat your hemorrhoids.

Doctor Harvey