Pharmacy Mall Review

Pharmacy Mall Review: Canada’s Top Sought Online Pharmacy

In 1997, a small pharmacy opened in Canada. It was called Pharmacy Mall and it served the locals of Canada. After four years in the business, Pharmacy Mall noticed a great opportunity online hence they started catering to mail orders. People send them orders thru email and in return, they will send it to the customers. In 2001, Pharmacy Mall officially started its online pharmacy, which they also called Pharmacy Mall.

Pharmacy Mall is a licensed online pharmacy with a new license that was approved last August of 2017. They are one of the largest online pharmacy networks on the internet today. There are multiple websites bearing the Pharmacy Mall logo, meaning these websites are all part of the network. To date, there are thousands of medicines being sold within the pharmacy Mall network, most are from Indian pharmaceutical companies.

On their website, you will find logos of the FDA, CIPA, MIPA, and Pharmacy Checker, an indicator that this internet drugstore has been certified and licensed by these health agencies. Medicines that are from India are Indian FDA approved and they offer generic and branded medicines. Among their top sellers are generic erectile dysfunction medicines that are known for its high quality and affordability.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

When it comes to online pharmacies, one of the most popular e-stores is Canadian online pharmacies. Pharmacy Mall is one of them. With so many options, why would we try Pharmacy Mall? To make this decision, we checked on some of the reviews that customers of Pharmacy Mall have shared.


Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

We found three testimonials for Pharmacy Mall, shared by its verified customers. These stories were shared by Dorothy, Samuel, and Sarah. According to Dorothy, she experienced excellent and efficient service from Pharmacy Mall and she believes that it is worth relying on.

As for Samuel, he finds the speedy delivery as the best asset of Pharmacy Mall. Samuel appreciated the fact that he was constantly being informed of the status of his order. As for Sarah, she was glad that she experience fast and happy service from Pharmacy Mall and that she was glad she found it.

The reviews that we found for Pharmacy Mall are very enticing and we would say, believable. It is no surprise that Pharmacy Mall is one of the top-recommended online pharmacies on our list.

Pharmacy Mall Products

Pharmacy Mall offers hundreds of generic and branded medicines. Some of these are prescription medicines. As of this writing, Pharmacy Mall does not require a prescription when dispensing an Rx product.

There are different categories of medicines that Pharmacy Mall offers. They offer erectile dysfunction drugs, allergies treatment, and medicines to treat fungal and viral infection, antibiotics, asthma treatment, birth control pills, and treatment for diabetes.

They also offer heart disease medication, herbal products, sleeping pills, weight loss pills, pain relief medications, and hair loss treatment.

One of the promises of Pharmacy Mall is affordable medication. In this website, you can find the cheapest ED medicine such as Viagra for as low as $0.27 per tablet. They also offer Cialis at $0.68 per pill and Propecia at $0.51 per pill. These are generic brands.

One good thing about online pharmacies like Pharmacy Mall is that they offer a lot of brands when it comes to a certain medication. For example, you are looking for an erectile dysfunction drug, you can choose between generic Viagra, generic Levitra, generic Cialis, branded Viagra, branded Cialis, and branded Levitra.

This e-store also offers different types of erectile dysfunction drugs like Super Viagra, Extra Super Viagra, Cialis Soft, Cialis Extra Dosage, Cialis Professional, Female Viagra, Cialis Super Active, and Viagra/Cialis Extra Dosage. They also have available brands of generic ED medicines such as Kamagra, Sildalis, Silvitra, Malegra, Avana, Tadacip, Eriacta, Apcalis, Aurogra, Suhagra and Caverta.

Pharmacy Mall Perks

Being in the online business for quite a decade now, Pharmacy Mall has been working hard to retain old customers and to continue winning new customers. When it comes to promotions and perks, they always have something to offer to their online visitors.

Pharmacy Mall Perks

Pharmacy Mall Perks

One of the perks of ordering from Pharmacy Mall is the availability of free shipping if your order is above $200. You will also receive bonus pills for every order you make, regardless of the amount of your order.

Pharmacy Mall has been working tirelessly to continue winning customers, adding more to their millions of happy customers. To date, Pharmacy Mall network claims to offer the lowest price of medicines on the web.


Pharmacy Mall is an online pharmacy that started operating in 2001. It is a Canadian based pharmacy. They offer over the counter and prescription medicines at the lowest price possible. All orders are delivered in two ways – via EMS and via Regular Airmail Shipping. The price of EMS is $19.95 while Regular Airmail Shipping costs $9.95. EMS delivery takes up to 8 days for orders to get delivered while Regular Airmail Shipping takes up to 21 business days.

For more information about Pharmacy Mall offers and services, you can check them out by calling 718-487-9792 and 4420 3239 7092. You can also contact them directly thru their ‘contact us’ page. Pharmacy Mall is licensed under the name of Canadian Pharmacy Ltd.

With the good reviews of Pharmacy Mall and its affiliated websites, we can say that it is a good online pharmacy to have. If you are not familiar with other online pharmacies to try, you can also check our list of recommended online pharmacies. Avoid trusting internet drugstores based on what they are offering and the look of their websites. Some are just saying too good to be true things in order to win your trust and scam you.

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