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LegitScript Approved Canadian Pharmacies – Pharmacies without Approval

LegitScript is a large online company that is dedicated to making the internet a safer place for all the users. Many large companies and businesses use the various services that it offers to keep them safe from the threats that lurk on the web such as online criminals that steal money from the web. LegitScript offers its website and product checking services for free on its homepage, allowing the customers to check the legitimacy of a certain website or the genuineness of a certain product that is sold online. Many people have already benefited from this service offered by LegitScript since it’s a great help especially to the people who are new to shopping medications online. Customers can just check the domain names of the pharmacy sites that they encounter and run them on LegitScript’s site and it will help them know if the site is fraudulent or not.

With the constantly increasing number of scam and fake online pharmacies on the web, the help of sites like LegitScript to customers is invaluable. Customers are saved from making the mistake of buying their medicines from bogus pharmacy sites which only operate to steal their hard-earned money.

Canadian pharmacies, on the other hand, are reliable online pharmacies that sell easy to afford medications to patients from all over the world. Their biggest customer is the US, a country where medicine prices are always at an all-time high. Buyers can purchase their medicines, both prescription and over the counter, for as much as 90% cheaper here than what the local US pharmacies sell. Because of this, many customers who were previously unable to purchase their meds because of their expensive costs are now able to buy them at bargain prices, saving their money while purchasing sufficient amounts for their future use.

Most scam online drugstores make themselves appear as Canadian pharmacies to deceive customers into believing they’re legit. Since Canadian pharmacies have an excellent reputation for their effective and cheap medications, they have become a reliable brand that customers trust. And the counterfeit pharmacies took advantage of this, defrauding thousands of customers, doing the Canadian pharmacies dirty. And as a result, many customers have lost their trust and loyalty to these drugstores.

But reliable Canadian online pharmacies still remain to this day, despite the menace that was brought by the counterfeit Canada drugstores online. These stores still have a large customer base and they still sell high-quality meds at low prices.

Licensed Canadian Pharmacy Marked as Rogue

Licensed Canadian Pharmacy Marked as Rogue

But what’s surprising is that LegitScript marks these legit Canadian pharmacies as unapproved or rogue. These stores are legitimately operating but somehow, they are marked as scam pharmacies on LegitScript’s database.

LegitScript Logo

LegitScript Logo

Whether it is by mistake or intentional, it is clear that these checks are inaccurate and incorrect. The great number of customers buying their meds from Canadian online pharmacies are alarming to the big pharmaceutical companies in the US since it would mean a loss of profit on their end. Whether it’s a ploy of the big companies to use LegitScript to discourage customers from buying their meds online or not, the genuineness of these Canadian online pharmacies are undeniable since they are licensed by various pharmaceutical organizations from Canada. These stores are as legitimate as the local pharmacies in the US and LegitScript should show that they are approved Canadian pharmacies, separate from those which are scams.

How Do I Find a Legitimate Online Pharmacy?

Independent pharmacy review sites are one of the safest and best ways to find a legitimate online pharmacy. These review sites have lots of pharmacies on their database and all of them have been reviewed by various critics for the customer’s benefit. These online pharmacies have been thoroughly reviewed and both their benefits and disadvantages have been mentioned as well to help the buyers choose which pharmacy has the features that they prefer the most. Some of these pharmacies are of Canadian origin while some of them are from the USA, Europe, and Asia.

These pharmacies are legit and offer the same range of products as the local pharmacies but just like Canadian online drugstores, the prices that they have for the meds that they sell are affordable. Their products are also legit and genuine, coming from renown pharmaceutical companies and have been approved by the FDA.

Are all Canadian Pharmacies Rogue Pharmacies?

Not really. The number of scam websites that take the guise of Canadian pharmacies may be great but the genuine online Canadian pharmacies stay genuine and continue to provide cheap meds to their customers. It may be true that the large pharmaceutical companies and drugstore chains in the US are working with pharmacy-checking sites to deface the reputation of genuine Canada-based online pharmacies to bring the customers back to buying the expensive medicines that they sell.

But customers know better. There’s still a large number of customers in the US who purchase their meds from the online pharmacies since the prices are much better and their quality is just as good as the ones which are sold locally.

How to Safely Buy Prescription Drugs Online

The first thing that a customer must do is to verify if an online pharmacy is indeed genuine by checking its reviews from independent review sites. Once this is done and they have successfully proven that a store is legit, customers should start by making their first orders small. This is a safe method of purchasing prescription drugs online, testing if the online pharmacy will hold their end of the deal. Orders under $50 USD should be enough and once these orders come through, customers should try ordering meds with increasing amount every time. This will keep them safe online and will prevent potentially large losses just in case they land on a wrong online pharmacy by mistake.


LegitScript has been a great help to customers for determining on whether an online pharmacy is genuine or not but it’s analysis on Canadian online pharmacies have become flawed, marking even those who are licensed and verified pharmacies as rogue. These pharmacies are legitimate and are still operating but it appears that for whatever reason, LegitScript doesn’t recognize them as genuine. There are currently no Canadian pharmacies with the approval of LegitScript but it’s business as usual for the customers and these Canadian online drugstores. For other pharmacies to buy from, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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