Legitimate Canadian Online Pharmacies – Safe Stores with High

Legitimate Canadian Online Pharmacies – Safe Stores with High-Quality Products

For Americans, the best source of affordable medicines are legitimate Canadian online pharmacies. They might be based just over the border but the prices of the medicines that they sell are far cheaper than the medications which are sold in the US. Customers can save a lot of money in buying from them since the prices offered at Canadian pharmacies are 90% cheaper than the prices of local American drugstores. The affordable prices for their meds do not only make these Canadian pharmacy sites popular among US-based customers but to international customers as well. The quality of their pharmaceutical products are also excellent, approved safe and effective for use by the Food and Drug Administration. But in spite of these benefits that they offer, customers should still be very careful in choosing the Canadian pharmacy that they will buy from since online purchase of meds also have risks.

Scammer-operated fake internet pharmacies are the risks that the customers should beware from. These stores take the guise of legitimate Canadian online pharmacies, appearing similar to the genuine ones but their only goal is to steal credit card and personal information from the unsuspecting customers and use them for their fraudulent activities. Some of them are even more dangerous, sending people fake or expired medications that could be fatal when ingested. The number of these fake pharmacies grow every day, making the risks greater especially for the customers who are new to online shopping for medicines. But there’s a way to separate the fake from the real since there are certain characteristics to them that will help the customers discern the legitimate Canadian online pharmacies from those who are not.

The most noticeable trait that legitimate Canadian online pharmacies have is the padlock icon and the https:// before their domain name. Scam pharmacies don’t have this characteristic and customers should take note of it.

Secure Website

The padlock icon and the https:// before the domain name means that the pharmacy has been certified by the internet as secure, using SSL encryption to protect the information that’s being sent by the customers. SSL encryption prevents the data from being intercepted by outside sources, protecting the privacy of the buyers. If an online pharmacy claims to be a Canadian pharmacy but has no padlock icon and only uses HTTP before its domain name, it is likely a fraud.

Another way to verify if a Canadian online pharmacy is legitimate is through its phone hotlines and other contact details. Before making a purchase, customers should first test out the numbers and confirm if they are indeed live. Customers can also try sending a message through the email that they have provided and wait for any response. If they have successfully received a response either by phone or by mail or even by the live chat support if they have any, then the Canadian online pharmacy should be ok. Canadian online pharmacies are known for their great customer support system and online pharmacies that claim to be of Canadian origin but doesn’t have contact details available are shams.

Customers should also look for the affiliations of a Canadian online pharmacy before they decide to order their medications. The legitimate ones are always members of organizations like Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA).



Legit Canadian pharmacies are also members of Pharmacy Checker, a US-based pharmacy-checking website that helps customers find the safest Canadian online drugstores with the cheapest prices. Bogus online pharmacies are without the certification of these organizations, an easy way to find out if a Canadian pharmacy can be trusted or should be avoided.

How to Buy Medicines Safely from an Online Pharmacy

Customers who are purchasing medicines online for the first time should use fixed-limit credit cards for payments as a safety precaution. Fixed limit cards are good choices for making online payments since these cards cannot be used beyond its set amount restrictions which are usually small. Basic credit cards have high credit limits which can be exploited by the scammers if ever they get their hands on them. Using credit cards with fixed limits can help protect customer’s money just in case they purchase from a fake pharmacy by mistake. If they will have any losses, it will be very minimal.

And before even making a purchase at an online pharmacy, customers should always check if it’s verified safe by fraud-checking websites. These sites offer their services for free and customers should only run the domain name of the pharmacy they’re visiting on its database. If a pharmacy is confirmed safe, it would show as safe. But if a pharmacy is counterfeit, it would appear as rogue. Buyers should always use the services of these sites to their advantage to protect themselves online.

Verify Before You Buy: Online Pharmacy Verification

Verify Before You Buy is a fraud-checking website that is wholly dedicated to verifying the safety of internet-based pharmacies. No fees are collected from customers who will use its service because it’s for free.



Its database is connected to LegitScript, a large online security company that protects business and consumers from the risks posed by fraudulent entities on the web. The results from its checks are reliable and customers can use it every time they use an online pharmacy.

Best Canada Pharmacy Directory of Online Pharmacy Ratings

Pharmacy review websites are also great aids to customers in looking for online pharmacies with great ratings. These independent review sites provide the customers an in-depth analysis on different online pharmacies and provide them with ratings for them to decide where to buy. The reviews from these sites are honest and transparent, helping customers see a pharmacy from a critic’s point of view. Customers are given both the advantages and the disadvantages to help them decide for themselves the pharmacy that suits them the best.


Buyers should always look for the legitimate Canadian online pharmacies whenever they’re purchasing their medications from the internet. These stores are known for their high-quality products which are more affordable than those which are sold by the local pharmacies. Customers should always verify an online pharmacy’s safety by thoroughly checking everything before they make a purchase to avoid the counterfeit ones. For a list of legit Canadian online drugstores, check our top recommended pharmacies.

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