How To Begin Birth Control Pills?

Now since you are reading this article it means you have just decided to use the birth control pill for the first time in your life then here is given the best suggestions for you. The guidelines given on this page are useful especially for those women who just want to use it for the first time in her life. After reading the suggestions given here you are even not needed to go to a doctor and you have to go to the contraception center only in order to get the required help.

In order to begin using the birth control pills you should need to know the fact that what are actually these birth control pills are composed of. It is the estrogen and the progestin from which it is composed of and they are the compounds which are specially known to preventing a women from being pregnant. The prevention is basically done on the basis of the fact that these pills are responsible for stopping women from ovulation.

The ovulation in women usually occurs during the mid of their menstrual cycle. But the question which is needed to be considered for the women who are going to use the birth control pills for the first time is that on exactly which day of their menstrual cycle they should start taking these pills. The days in which the starting of the taking of the birth control pills can be done is explained below.

The very first day when the starting of taking of these birth control pills can be done is the day when your period starts.

The other day when you can start taking the birth control pill is on the first Sunday of that week just when your period begins.

The other day when you can just start taking these medicine and birth control pill is on the 5th day after the day when the periods of you begins.

Or in some cases you can also start taking the pills for low birth rate today if you are just sure you will not become pregnant. Until the time of your first period you are hence also suggested to use one or other contraception pills. This can easily ensure you that you are on the safe side of it even if you do coitus in starting 4 to 5 days of using the birth control pills.

The other thing which is needed to be considered is to take the precautions until you had finished that particular whole pack of the birth control pills. It is very important that you are not going to skip even a single day between the days when you are probable of getting pregnant.

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