Food Poisoning Causes, Signs And Symptoms

Food poisoning usually occurs whenever you swallow either food or the water that is supposed to contains the bacteria or parasites or viruses or sometime it contains the toxins made by the germs as a result of which the poison reaches to the body and hence causes food poisoning in the body. Most of the cases of the food poisoning problems are from the common bacteria which can be named as the Staphylococcus.  It is the food poisoning which is supposed to be a very dangerous cause of death of the person to whom it happens.

Causes of food poisoning:

The food poisoning may be caused by any one of the following reasons. Food poisoning is such a problem that can for sure affect any one person or sometime it can also affect a group of the people that all have taken the same food which was supposed to be contaminated food. It sometime more commonly known to be occurred to the people only after eating at the sensitive and wrong places like at the picnics, or school cafeterias, or at some of the large social functions, or sometime also at some of the restaurants and hotels. In this way the germs get in to the stomach of the person who eats them as a result of which food poisoning occurs to the person.

Common causes are

Any food which is prepared by some people who do not wash the hands in a proper way.

Any food which is prepared by using the cooking utensils or cutting boards or from some of the other tools which are not supposed to be cleaned fully.

Some of the dairy products or the foods containing the mayonnaise such as the coleslaw or the potato salad that has been placed out of the fridge for too long

Sometime the frozen or the refrigerated foods are not supposed to store at some of the proper temperature and they are not usually reheated properly due to which problem occurs.

Raw fishes or the oysters

Raw fruit or the vegetables that is not washed well

Signs and Symptoms:

It is your health service provider that will examine you carefully for the signs and symptoms of the food poisoning. The major symptoms are pain in stomach and the other signs that your body shows due to the problem like your body do not have as much amount of water and the fluids as it is needed and should be present. This is simply called as the dehydration. Other symptoms which are closely related to that of the food poisoning are

Weakness that sometime might be serious

Vomiting or nausea

Chills or fever


Headache or

The abdominal cramps

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