Cyclobenzaprine Wiki – The Treatment Drug for Muscle Pains and Spasms

Cyclobenzaprine Wiki – The Treatment Drug for Muscle Pains and Spasms

Flexeril 5 mg (Cyclobenzaprine)

Cyclobenzaprine is the generic name of the drug brand Flexeril, a drug that is used for treating the pain and discomfort which are caused by muscle injuries. It is a muscle relaxer medication for relieving skeletal muscle spasms and is also used for treating a medical condition known as fibromyalgia.

Generic Cyclobenzaprine Immediate-Release Tablet

Generic Cyclobenzaprine Immediate-Release Tablet

Although it’s a muscle relaxant that prevents spasms, cyclobenzaprine’s effect does not affect a person’s overall muscle control and function, meaning a person’s muscles can still move normally even after using the drug. It is an orally-administered medicine that is taken three times in a day (for extended-release tablets) and once a day for its capsule form. Cyclobenzaprine’s use is only for a limited period of time which is for 2 to 3 weeks only and using the drug for extended periods may cause negative effects to the body. Unless instructed by a doctor, patients should never take Cyclobenzaprine beyond the given timeframe. In purchasing this drug, customers are going to need prescriptions since Cyclobenzaprine is a strictly a prescription-only drug.

Cyclobenzaprine and Driving

The most common side effect of using Cyclobenzaprine is drowsiness that’s why patients should never drive until they know how the drug affects them. Other side effects of the drug include dry mouth, constipation, dizziness, and tiredness. Users of Cyclobenzaprine should notify their doctors immediately if these side effects linger for longer durations or worsen. But based on the data which were consolidated from the people who have used this medication, serious side effects are very rare. And before prescribing Cyclobenzaprine to their patients, doctors carefully assess the benefits and the risks that it will give to the user based on their specific health condition. Once a patient gets a prescription for the drug, it means that using Cyclobenzaprine will indeed have a positive impact on their health.

However, the serious side effects of the drug include irregular heartbeats, mood changes, hallucinations, confusions and difficulties in urinating. Once a user experiences one of these side effects in using the drug, they should stop taking the drug and tell their doctors promptly. Although very rare, some customers may also experience allergic reactions such as hives, swelling of the face, swelling of the mouth, rashes, and trouble breathing after taking the drug. In such cases, users should immediately call for emergency medical help. Customers may also experience other side effects than those mentioned earlier and just in case those effects are serious and health-endangering, patients should inform their doctors immediately.

Before taking Cyclobenzaprine, patients should disclose their full medical history to their doctors so that they will be able to devise an effective method of treatment specific to their health condition. Doctors should know if they have underlying physical ailments or past infirmities such as heart/cardiovascular problems, liver diseases, glaucoma, benign prostatic hyperplasia, hyperthyroidism, and others which may be affected by the active components of the drug.

Cyclobenzaprine should also not be taken with alcoholic beverages to avoid worsening the drowsiness that will be experienced by the user. Other medicines that will cause negative effects when taken with this drug are antidepressants, opioid pain relievers (codeine, morphine, hydrocodone), sleeping pills, antihistamines, and anxiety treatment drugs such as alprazolam, lorazepam, and zolpidem.

Cyclobenzaprine Overdose

Taking more than the doctor’s recommended dose of Cyclobenzaprine may cause a host of untoward effects to the user’s physical and mental state. The side effects of the drug will manifest on heightened states and there is a big chance that the user will pass out or have great difficulties in breathing. Seizures, slurred speech, palpitations, and hallucinations are also results of overdosing on the drug and once this happens, users should immediately call poison control centers right away. US residents can call 911 or their local poison control centers while Canada residents can call their provincial poison control centers. Overdosing Cyclobenzaprine is a serious case and could even be life-threatening. Patients should call for help immediately once they accidentally overdose on the drug for preemptive treatment.

A patient should never share Cyclobenzaprine with others regardless of any circumstance since the use of this drug requires a careful medical examination before it is administered. A patient’s condition varies from person to person and similar symptoms do not always mean similar health conditions. The good effects of Cyclobenzaprine to one person may be a negative one for a different person regardless of their similarities in the symptoms they experience.

Missed doses should be taken as soon as the patient remembers but double doses should not be taken to catch up for a missed dose. If it’s already the time for the next dose, the user should just resume their normal intake of the drug.

Cyclobenzaprine Abuse

Abusing Cyclobenzaprine may give its users sedating effects that makes them feel very relaxed and may even cause them to attain a euphoric “high”. In the year 2011, there have been 25 million prescriptions written for this drug alone since it is a commonly prescribed drug for back and muscle pains. But since Cyclobenzaprine is not a federally-controlled substance like opiates and narcotic pain medications, it is relatively easier to obtain, thus causing a large number of Cyclobenzaprine-related drug abuse cases.



The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that young adults with ages from 18 to 25 are the ones with the highest rates of abuse of the drug, mixing it with other drugs and even crushing it to be snorted. Since Cyclobenzaprine can heighten the effects of other drugs and substances such as alcohol and others, many people use it recreationally which puts them in peril of reaping dangerous side effects such as loss of muscle control (ataxia), tremors, tachycardia, hypertension, and even going comatose.


Cyclobenzaprine is a drug that is used for treating muscle spasms and muscle pains caused by muscular injuries. It is strictly a prescription drug and patients should have valid prescriptions prior to purchasing the drug at local pharmacies. It is commonly known by its brand name Flexeril but it’s also available in generic versions. In purchasing this drug online, customers can check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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