Causes and treatment of mental health disorders

Mental illness causes a large number of issues, from the occasional drawback to a permanent deviation from natural balance. The traditional medical approach to treating mentally challenged people is indeed very horrible. None of them influence the cause, most are deadly to the body and every disorder depresses the system, which extends the door to future health issues.

Mental health problems are indeed is increasing day by day. They vary from person to person and they show different symptoms. Like as we know there are different mental health disorders so each disorder has different symptoms.

Causes of mental health disorder

We really can’t say when a person will get mentally disturbed because it all is inside the mind. The causes for mental disorders can be many at indeed differs from the many experiences the patient has had in his past. Past experience plays a vital role in making a person suffer from mental illness. A fear that has been kept inside for a long time can later become a major mental problem. Mood swings happen to people i.e. for a second they might be very happy but the very next second they can become sad or be angry. People suffering from schizophrenia often hallucinate they feel that someone is keeping an eye on them or is ready to kill them.

The way people perceive different incidents and experience of their life become a cause of the mental health disorder. Thus we can say that there is no one reason behind the mental illness of a person.

Treatment for mental health disorder

Medicine has very little understanding of the causes of mental diseases; therefore their approach is to subdue the symptoms instead of to require corrective action. Their resolution is to use stronger and stronger mind fixing medications that are identified to cause hyperbolic aggression.

Most people feel this aggression is not restricted by traditional boundaries. That is the result it is disturbing to the concerned people. Electric shock therapy remains pretty much in use for those unfortunate enough to seek advice from practitioners World Health Organization supports this superannuated and ineffective treatment. Yet it’s simple to examine psychological state of a patient once he or she open up their mind and talk freely.

If you begin by wanting to nature, it’s out of the question that a wild animal can have these issues. They merely wouldn’t be ready to survive for any length of your time, if they did have them. Thus it is indeed very difficult to survive in this world with a mental disorder and hence there should be some way to eradicate it sooner or later.

Doctor Harvey