Canadian Pharmacy Online: Access Quality and Cheap Drugs

One major complaint that we have come across time and again is that people are suffering due to the high prices they have to pay for the drugs they need to maintain their health. The numerous drug stores available locally are aware there is no way to avoid taking drugs if you need them. This gives them the ability to raise the price as high as they want. People are realizing that they don’t need to depend on local pharmacies anymore to stay healthy. Canadian pharmacies offer better prices. Another advantage is that these patients don’t need to go to Canada anymore to get their meds. The drugs can get delivered to their doorstep after they have ordered them online. A great example of a Canadian online pharmacy is the following pharmacy which is known as Pharmacy Mall:

Canadian Pharmacy Online: Access Quality and Cheap Drugs
Canadian Pharmacy Online – Pharmacy Mall

We will be looking at the prices that you get in Canadian pharmacies in a bit. However, in order to make sure that you understand the high prices you have been paying for your meds locally, let’s compare the price for Viagra that is available at pharmacy mall and the one you pay locally. On average, in a local store, a pill of Viagra costs 70 dollars. At Pharmacy Mall, as you can see above, you can buy it for as little as $0.27. This tells you that you will be saving $69.73 which is equivalent to saving 99.61%.

Canadian Pharmacy Online Reviews

There are various ways through which you can determine whether a pharmacy is fake or real. One of those ways is through checking the pharmacy reviews. There are both great and bad pharmacies in Canada. To prove this to you, we will be looking at both great and bad reviews. We will start with the bad reviews:

Canadian Pharmacy Online Testimonials

David says that he sent his check 3 weeks ago. The pharmacy is still indicating that they are yet to receive the check. The check usually takes an average of 7 to 10 days to arrive. His check was not returned by the post office. David has spoken to the customer service several times. The pharmacy is not making any effort to trace the check. He plans to cancel his order and order through another pharmacy. The second reviewer claims that this was his first order. Although he got charged for the product, it never arrived.

Canadian Pharmacy Online User Feedback

The first reviewer was wowed by the Canadian pharmacy he used. He says that he has osteoporosis and he cannot afford his medication anymore. He ordered the generic version of Fosamax 70 and managed to pay less than $100 for a 3 months supply. This was the first time he ever purchased drugs from Canada. He was pleasantly surprised. He saved a small fortune and managed to pay his rent. His order took only 7 days for it to arrive. This was a lot sooner than he would have expected.

The second reviewer reports that he has been using a Canadian pharmacy for more than 4 years. His wife who had been with him for more than 50 years passed away and he was unable to afford the prescriptions while living alone. The Canadian pharmacy has allowed him to maintain his health and also spend more on his grandchildren. It offers competitive prices.

You have to be careful. You will need to avoid a pharmacy that has the reviews that we looked at first. This is easy. We research online pharmacies and determine the ones that offer great services. One great pharmacy that we suggest to our readers is Pharmacy Mall. The store has been operating for over 20 years and they don’t have any negative reviews.

Canadian Pharmacy Online Prices

We already looked at the savings you get when you purchase your sildenafil citrate from a Canadian pharmacy. We understand that not everyone is looking to treat erectile dysfunction. This is the reason as to why we have decided to provide you with the prices for the prescription drugs. The following are the prices and savings you will get from Canadian Online Pharmacies:

Canadian Online Pharmacy Prices

You will be able to pay as little as 3% of the price you pay at your local drugstore if you are diabetic and looking to buy Actos. If you have any other medical condition, according to the above price list, the maximum you will have to pay is a mere 14%. The average price for the meds is 10% of your local price. Low prices can be found anywhere. Note this: not every pharmacy will keep their promise. Therefore, it is important to stick with proven and high-quality pharmacies. A great example is Pharmacy Mall.

Mail Order from Canadian Pharmacies

Delivery is something people who are new to placing their orders on the web worry about. As long as you are placing your order in a reputable online drugstore, there is nothing to worry about. Drugs are usually delivered via mail order. These meds should be on your doorstep within a period that does not exceed two weeks. Payments are usually handled via credit cards by popular online pharmacies. Credit cards are safe because it is easy to longe a complaint with your credit card company if you suspect that you have been conned. You will get your money back this way.


There are two types of Canadian pharmacies. This has been proven by the reviews that we have already looked at. There are those which will deliver what you want and there are those which will steal your money and not talk to you again. The key to making a wise decision is by using online pharmacies which have been investigated and proven to offer great services. One such pharmacy is Pharmacy Mall. This is a store that we have investigated and ensured that it satisfies all the factors a perfect online pharmacy should have. Quick delivery and great prices are two things you should count on when buying from Pharmacy Mall.

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