Canada Rx – Offering Generic Medicine Alternatives

When it comes to cheap medicines, Canada is one country that comes to mind. Compared to the United States, drugstores in Canada offer considerably lower-priced medicines because of the country’s existing laws protecting the consumers from high drug prices. Because of this, buyers are seeking ways to purchase their medicines from Canada in order to save money on their prescriptions, especially for brand-name medicines.

Mail Order Canada Drugs

Canada is known for its utterly low prices for its medicines. Unlike the United States, Canada pharmacies are able to offer cheap prices for their products because the country encourages the production and distribution of generic products to help consumers.

The United States market for medicines is still favoring big pharma companies and because of this, patients are still suffering from exorbitant prices for their medicines. Massive drug companies still have the upper hand in the drug market and are often deflecting the efforts of generic manufacturers in helping the consumers. For instance, several drug brands, like impotence medicines Viagra and Cialis, are allowed to market longer than they were supposed to, due to court ruling for their patent exclusivity extensions.

Due to the brand drug exclusivity to market in the US, patients are forced to look overseas (or at least go northward) for their medicines. Presently, the US laws for online medicine purchases are still sketchy, but the bottom line is, the US is still hard on customers wanting to import their medicines abroad.

Canada Rx - Offering Generic Medicine Alternatives
US Online Drugstore

Although there are US-based online pharmacies in the country, most of them are merely extensions of ground drugstore networks. What this means is that these drugstores still charge immense fees to the consumers. Often, buyers are advised by the FDA to choose online drugstores with a VIPPS seal, but usually, these stores are still no better than the ground drugstores since they feature nearly the same prices.

Canadian Online Drugstore

Canadian local pharmacies are not the only ones with cheap prices for the products—even Canadian online drugstores are also offering the same low prices for the medicines. Here’s a price comparison to emphasize the buyer savings at Canada pharmacies:

US Prices for Viagra 100 mg

According to one reliable platform, Viagra costs at least $72.72 per 100 mg pill. Although generic alternatives already exist in the world market, generic counterparts for Viagra are still unavailable in the US (except for Sildenafil TEVA), which means that buyers are still spending considerable fees on the brand name product.

Canadian Pharmacy Price for Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer

On the other hand, Canadian pharmacies are giving buyer access to overseas products like Viagra from Pfizer New Zealand—the stuff is basically the same as the US-made one, but this is definitely cheaper. As you can see, customers can purchase the same Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer at only $13.63 per tablet.

Is it Legal to Import Drugs from Canada to USA?

Like we’ve mentioned, laws for importing medicines from Canada to the United States are still inconclusive and are confusing, but the bottom line is, patients can import medicines for personal use (up to 90 days’ worth of products) if and only if they can provide the prescriptions for their medicines.

What makes the US laws for drug import confusing is the prohibition for re-importation of medicines. According to the US FDA, it is absolutely illegal for patients to re-import medicines manufactured in the US and already distributed to various countries, but it is apparently allowable for customers to purchase medicines overseas, as long as they can provide the prescriptions for their drugs.

How Can I Find the Best Canadian Pharmacy?

Canadian pharmacies live up to their promise of selling cheap medicines, but not all Canadian online drugstores are safe to use.

Although there are actually legitimately operating Canadian online drugstores based in Canada or are online extensions of Canadian ground drugstores, there are impostor online pharmacies claiming that they are “Canadian” even if they are not even remotely so. Some web drugstores just have the habit of appending the term Canada to their names but are actually located elsewhere and do not have licenses from Canada.

A good way to check if an online pharmacy is legitimately Canadian is to evaluate if it is a member of Canada-based drug organizations. Most legitimate Canadian online pharmacies are involved in the following associations:

  • CIPA Rx
  • MIPA
  • CPA
Canadian Online Drugstore with Accreditations from Various Drug Regulating Agencies

Canadian drugstores that belong to these prestigious groups will often feature these organizations’ seals of approval on their site and will also provide the links to these associations’ sites for the buyers to be able to verify their memberships there.

CIPA Website

For instance, if a Canadian store claims to be a CIPA Rx member, a buyer should be sensible enough to visit CIPA Rx’s site first to confirm if the store is indeed a valid member of this organization before entrusting the store with his hard earned money.

Besides checking if an alleged Canadian pharmacy is legitimate through its affiliations, buyers should also constantly check any store’s online feedback. Even if some online pharmacies will feature on-site reviews, it is still better for the buyers to refer to third-party site reviews on unbiased online platforms so they can read accurate buyer accounts on their experiences with particular Canadian online drugstores.


Purchasing medicines from Canadian online pharmacies is one of the choices buyers are making so they can save more in drug costs. Indeed, they can save more in choosing overseas online pharmacies (not necessarily Canadian ones) since these stores have more liberty when it comes to offering generic medicine alternatives compared to US-based stores.

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