Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews

Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews: Characteristics and Criteria of Good Canadian Online Pharmacy

There are several Canadian internet drugstores. Some Canadian Drugstores are authorized and trade on quality medications from certified manufactures whereas others are prohibited and go into the market to take advantage.

Canadian Online Pharmacy Legitimacy Check

There are ways to check if Canadian online pharmacies are legitimate or not. Here are common yet effective ways to bust a scam pharmacy or verify if an online drugstore is legitimate:

  • Check online reviews: Online drugstore reviews, especially from third-party sources, are excellent markers of reliability. Stores with positive comments from real consumers posting their reviews on real review sites are most likely legitimate, while stores without reviews or with numerous complaints about their service are shady.
  • Use domain-verifying platforms: You can use domain checking websites to check if a store is telling the truth – sites like ScamAdviser and LegitScript are able to extract real details from web pharmacies, like for instance, their real age, whether they are SSL secured or not, or their server’s and owner’s location.
  • Check affiliations: Certain online pharmacies mention that they are affiliated with certain organizations. Consumers should have the good sense of verifying if these claims are real. For example, if a store claims to be a CIPA member, buyers should check CIPA’s website for clarification.

Online pharmacies can be enticing and tempting especially when the customer wants to save extra cash. Using online pharmacies could have potential legal dangers and health risks.

The following are key things you need to observe before buying drugs from internet drug stores:

  • Look for drugstores with a blue and red certified web site Pharmacy Practices Site (VIPPS) seal from the National Association Board of Pharmacies.
  • Select websites ending in .pharmacy rather than .com, which receive a special approval from the NABP (not all pharmacies use that designation).
  • Don’t buy from websites that sell drugs without a prescription or offer to prescribe drugs for you.

Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews

Verifying if a Canadian Online Pharmacy is legit begins with double-checking reviews for the platform. We tried checking for available reviews for one Canadian shop, Online Pills, to set an example for good reviews for web drugstores. Here are several buyer testimonials written by satisfied consumers of Online Pills (Canadian Pharmacy):

Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews

As you can see, customers were generally happy with their order turnout on Online Pills. Mostly buyers were confirming that they have received their order from the shop and had a great time using the shop for their medicines. However, a few of the buyers were able to detail their experiences on Canadian Pharmacy, like Samuel and Sarah.

As for Samuel, he was quite pleased with his order turnout and was particularly elated at the store’s constant updates for his orders. According to him, he’s been ordering from Online Pills for years because of its consistent and honest service.

Sarah, on the other hand, had a happy experience with Canadian Pharmacy (Online Pills) because of the store’s pleasant customer assistants. Sarah went out of her way to comment Canadian Pharmacy’s staff because according to her, the staff was courteous and made her very comfortable ordering from the store. As for the medicines she ordered, she was impressed as well – according to her, the medicines were effective and were great for her medical need.

Besides these comments, the store also had other great reviews that revolved around the store’s fast shipping, affordable products, and effective items. Most (if not all) of the customers with orders from Online Pills mentioned their intent to reorder from the platform. It is quite easy to see that buyers trusted Online Pills and would continue to use the store in the future.

Viagra Online Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

Canadian Online Pharmacy is known to supply highly effective generic Viagra that has been used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Most men who suffer from ED find it hard to talk about this problem and the availability of this drug at this credible store has made it easier for them. To order generic Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy, you will only need to provide your prescription from your doctor and after the pharmacists go through your prescription and your medical history to confirm that you indeed need the drugs, you will be allowed to order and pay for your drugs.

If you do not have a prescription, you will be examined by an online doctor who will ask your medical history and other relevant details and if he is convinced that you indeed need to use the drugs, he will offer the prescription for generic Viagra to you. Below is the online price of generic Viagra from Canadian Pharmacy:

Online Price of Generic Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy

Online Price of Generic Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy

10 pills of generic Viagra costs $38, an equivalent of $3.8 for each pill and you get a bonus of Cialis pills. Choosing to buy a higher number of drugs will earn you a greater discount; if you buy 90 pills, the price will be $129.37, which will amount to $1.44 per pill. With this, you will have saved $212.63.


Customers should be very careful when purchasing medicines online. This article has outlined different criteria for distinguishing Canadian Online Pharmacy from Unreliable or unsafe Canadian Online Pharmacy. Besides, buyers should consult the list of recommended online pharmacies in order to shop from the most appropriate pharmacy.

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